An initiative of a small NGO with Big Dreams of Improving the Happiness Index of People of India, started Hospital and Research Institute for Social Ailments (www.hrisa.org) working in the areas of Blood Management to Patients in need, Organ Donation and to Provide a Platform for Elders to Help Themselves by Helping Others.


It was started By Mr. Satish Chander Gupta in association of Mrs. Kavita Gupta. Satish Chander Gupta is a dynamic leader by virtue of his 46 years of International experience as a Civil Engineer for the construction of Railways, Roadways, Housing, Setting up of Environment Planning lab and allied Infrastructure with Railway’s PSU, Panjab University and Private sector. Satish Gupta is a trouble shooter, child/family counsellor, and a social worker with an analytical mind by choice since very beginning. Practically working to improve the Happiness Index of the people around him. He has been picking up accident victims, extending medical attendance to the patients, child/family counselling, supporting financially and morally to poor students. He tries to find out permanent solution to social problems Mrs. Kavita Gupta is the wife of Mr. Satish Gupta, a Hindi language teacher, a fashion designer but a keen social worker associated with Hospital and Research Institute for Social Ailments (HRISA) www.hrisa.org under Roopdevi Social Welfare Trust.

Problem Statement:

We have seen people running for Blood from one Blood Bank to other Blood Bank, even franticly searching blood donors everywhere. Sometimes, we have found, people requesting donors coming out after donation to donate again considering the considering of their patient.

Seen people dying due to Non Availability of Organs. People living in a miserable condition, whereas their life could have been better if they could have got organs like organs (Eyes, kidney etc.).

Over the period it was also observed that elders are not happy due to various reasons: Non availability of company of family members due to various reasons including Nuclear Families on the rise, improper treatment from the society, deteriorating health, sense of insecurity etc. Hence they are not a better treated lot and need lot of attention. Mr. S. C. Gupta (The Promoter) feels that they are the stars of our life, who have brought us to this world. They are the assets having life time experiences in various fields which is a great strength, which can be converted into resource, with little weaknesses/problems, which can be converted into work. In-turn problems (convert into work) can be solved by the strength (Resource) of others. This will create a “SELF HELP GROUP”.

Solution: To solve the above issues, Promoter worked on the Ground single handed. Later on www.hrisa.org was launched in early twenty twenties. Due to Technology Limitations available during those days, maximum automation could not be done.

In the meantime, M/S Net4 the service provider failed to continue their support due to Bankruptcy in spite having received payment for three years in advance, the improvisation operation of www.hrisa.org came to a grinding halt. Operations of Net4 was taken over by M/S BigRock, www.hrisa.org came to life. Simultaneously, it was decided to float an independent website namely www.liveandmobilebloodbank.com connected with www.hrisa.org mainly for Blood Management.

. Making Availability of Blood to Patients on demand through Live and Mobile Blood Bank seriously since 1995.

. Motivating and Registering People for Organ Donation.

Providing a Platform to Elders to pursue their Hobbies which they could not do during their lifetimes through Helping Themselves by Helping Others.

Phase-I: we are starting the mission of Ensuring the Availability of Blood on demand in all the Hospitals by keeping the stock 100% by replenishing the consumed stock within 2-3 hours.

Phase-II & III for organ donation and Elders will follow shortly.

Present Scenario placed below prompted us to ensure the Availability of Blood on Demand by keeping the capacity of Blood Banks to 100% in Peace and unpredictable Times of any Pandemic or wars like situation prevailing globally:

There are innumerous Government and Non-Government agencies (Red Cross, NACO, NGOs, small and big donor groups), blood the Blood Banks are never having sufficient Blood which can cater the requirement on Demand.

Eraktkosh a Government Website showing the availability of Blood in all the Blood Banks throughout India. But it can be seen that the stock of Blood is too little what to talk of catering on Demand.

We have been working on this issue since two and a half decades.

With the advancement of Technology, www.liveandmobilebloodbank.com is a step to ensure the availability of Blood on Demand to the People of India, provided support from various individual donors, donor groups in association with various Blood Banks. Now a day, state of uncertainty, we do not know when some new epidemic or some war leading to requirement of Blood will be there. So to fulfill the every type of requirements, Live and Mobile Blood bank has evolved. System is Technology driven, web based, mobilizing the matching number of volunteers and stock/consumption of blood in Hospitals simultaneously in real time hence a Real time Monitoring System.

System is devised expecting that all the Donor Volunteers will join the mission in National Interest to improve the Happiness Index of People of India.

We at Live and Mobile Blood Bank request all individual Donors, donor groups, NGOs dealing with blood donation will motivate their donor volunteers to join the Mission. We also request the Business houses/industrialists:

To motivate their workers to register as Blood Donor Volunteers to donate blood only to replenish the blood to make the blood bank stocks to 100%.

To sponsor TV time/FM ad time required to motivate other eligible donors.

Any other real time manpower/material etc , definitely not the Cash.

Live and Mobile Blood Bank does not cater patient specific but to ensure the keep the capacity of Blood Bank Full Always.

Captain (IN) Ankush Gupta son of Satish Chander Gupta is contributing by guiding/auditing/editing various Technical Data and advising about the issues.
Dr. Arushi Gupta wife of Capt. Ankush Gupta is a great support from time to time in the capacity of Advisor.
Shri Anil Kumar Lal; A dynamic leader, a prolific solution finder and process mender by virtue of his 39 years of working experience encompassing various Industries, FMCG, NGO, Banking, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, in PSU, Private & MNC. At 62 years he is a young enthusiast always keen to learn new things and a habituated natural teacher. His desire to be trained in diverse domains led him to actively participate in several trainings/seminars/workshops in India & Abroad. Anils prominent key strengths are counselling, detoxifying, motivating, stress busting. His social awareness and desire to contribute towards welfare of the society, led him to teach urban poor children and differently abled for several years. There is no great joy than saving a soul, more than his long span of about 70 voluntary blood donations, he has been awarded by Delhi Police in a press conference for saving life of two girl children.
Dr. (Capt) C. P. Gupta MBBS, MBA (Health care Administration) having 55 years of service with Army and Civil Administration:
He has been helping needy people in his personal capacity not limited to medical field but otherwise too (need based support for food, education etc.). Dr Gupta is associated with Hospital and Research Institute for Social Ailments (www.hrisa.org) for Ensuring the Availability of Blood 24x7 in all the Hospitals throughout India for the last 15 years.
Mrs. Meena Gupta: Not only a housewife, but managing many problems in the society for handling family issues, extending support to maids in the residential society and motivating their children to continue their studies along with their hobbies, religious activities. Mrs Gupta is associated with Hospital and Research Institute for Social Ailments (www.hrisa.org) for the last 15 years.
Mr. V. K. Gupta: An excellent Signaling and Telecommunication Engineer having association with Mr. S. C. Gupta for the last 40 years in observing and analyzing the Social Problems in India and then planning HRISA.
Mrs. Suman Gupta: She is a social worker associated with Railway Officers Wives organizations in various capacities progressively. She has been supporting HRISA since inception.
Mr. A. K. Mishra is associated with this cause for the last 20 years in the field of guiding in the area of website making etc.
Mr. Neeraj: A social Worker eager to help anybody anytime, particularly arranging blood to the needy without caring cast creed.
Mr. Gourav: A social Worker extending help with his contacts as and when need arises including arranging blood to the needy.
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